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Formed by guitarists Eddie Bertrand and Paul ?P.J.? Johnson and future Challengers drummer Richard Delvy, LA?s Belairs were contemporaries of Dick Dale & His Del-Tones and helped to build the gymnasium-rattling ground swell that became surf music. In 1962 the quintet swamped the charts with the classic ?Mr. Moto,? which soon became a standard in the repertoires of innumerable surf bands. Johnson later formed the likewise legendary P.J. & the Galaxies. When it comes to rocking surf sounds, the title of the tune that serves as the namesake of Sundazed?s Belairs anthology says it all: ?Volcanic Action.?
Belairs, The

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The Belairs - Volcanic Action! - Limited Edition Translucent Red Vinyl LP
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    2016 Record Store Day Limited Edition!Available at local independent record stores on April 16th, 2016!What did you do in high school? If you were one of the five members of The Belairs, you were busy helping to invent surf music. Their 1961 regional hit, “Mr. Moto,” laid the blueprint for countless aqua odes to follow. Featuring minor key guitar leads flowing to major and back to minor, a prominent sax and dogged drums, “Mr. Moto” was a clarion call to thousands of like-minded California...