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Shortly after the British Invasion masterpieces by his Belfast, Ireland band, Them, singer Van Morrison began a bountiful solo career that continues today. Influenced heavily in the early days by American R&B, Morrison's transcendent solo material is less easily defined, but every bit as hypnotically inescapable. The solo music of Van Morrison teeters somewhere between the worlds of pop and jazz, siphoning off the most fascinating elements of both. It's a rare'singer who can record an addictive eight-minute track that seems too short once It's finished. Van is that man!
Morrison, Van

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Morrison, Van - Blowin Your Mind! LP
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    It was a brand new day for Van Morrison when the Belfast, Ireland legend cut Blowin' Your Mind!, his spellbinding 1967 debut solo album! Fresh from a string of smash singles fronting British Invasion heroes Them, Van rode "Brown Eyed Girl,"—one of the all- time great teen-angst tales— to the top of the charts, then sailed off into the mystic with haunting, slowed-down classics like "He Ain't Give You None," "T.B. Sheets" and "Who Drove the Red...