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Diddley, Bo - Bo Diddley Is A... Lover - 180 Gram Vinyl - Mono Edition
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    Delivering a devastating punch to rock’s early ‘60s doldrums, Bo Diddley Is a Lover bursts at the seams with Bo’s uncompromising, rockin’ beat. Yep. Industry and the government may have cleaned up fellow ’50s rockers like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis and Gene Vincent, but they didn’t get to Bo -- a defiant rocker to the core.By the time of the 1961 sessions for this album, Bo had relocated from Chicago to DC, to record at his own home studio. He used his artistic freedom to his complete...

    Diddley, Bo - Have Guitar Will Travel - 180 Gram Vinyl - Mono Edition
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      Good Lord. Bo Diddley came out with all guns blazing on his floor-rattling romp from 1960, Have Guitar Will Travel. The LP would become a blueprint for SO much great rock ’n’ roll that followed: the Stones covered “Mona” in 1965, the Masters Apprentices walloped “Dancing Girl,” the Downliners Sect blasted through “Nursery Rhyme,” and “Cops and Robbers” even named one of the baddest mid-’60s UK R&B combos ever!Really... Who in the hell wouldn’t be inspired by hearing this opus that followed on...

      Eric Burdon & the Animals - The Twain Shall Meet  180 Gram Vinyl - STEREO EDITION
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        Burdon and the group returned in April 1968 with The Twain Shall Meet, continuing their psychedelic journey. “Monterey” chronicled the previous summer’s seminal festival while “Sky Pilot” reflected the growing anti-war sentiment as the Vietnam Conflict escalated. Steeped in a dense, layered sound full of electric guitars, sitars, strings, brass and washes of phased vocals, the album served notice that Burdon and company were totally in-step with America’s youth movement. From blues revivalists...

        Eric Burdon & the Animals - Winds of Change 180 Gram Vinyl - MONO EDITION
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          Reeling from poor management decisions and inter-band strife, The Animals fell apart toward the end of 1966. Seeking a rebirth, lead vocalist Eric Burdon relocated from London to California. There, Burdon assembled a new Animals lineup, retaining only drummer Barry Jenkins from the previous incarnation. Now known as Eric Burdon and The Animals, the group immersed themselves in the psychedelic culture of San Francisco and their sound followed suit. Informed by his inaugural acid trip, Burdon...