The first non-R&B act signed to the famed Chess Records, the Milwaukee based Baroques mixed garage intensity with sonic experimentation that would come to define the later part of the decade. Though widely overlooked, their debut album was rumored to outsell Sgt. Pepper’s on a local level.

Fronted by the dark baritone vocals of Jay Berkenhagen, the Baroques weave through the structures of early 60s rock, adding a subtly gloomy touch and at times departing into chaotic bursts of noise. Almost as quickly as they appeared, the Baroques quickly dissolved, but not before making their unique statement with an eclectic array of eccentric tracks.

Baroques, The

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Baroques, The - The Baroques - LP
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    Badger State Garage / Psych Weirdness! The lone album by Milwaukee's Baroques was recorded in 1967 and issued on Chess Records as part of the label's effort to market music to a new audience. It's a beautifully-grungy affair; somewhat lo-fi, featuring many incredible originals, such as "Mary Jane," issued as the lead-off single - and promptly banned by radio for it's supposed drug references. Filled with moody vocals atop clattering and chiming guitar work, this rarity is now available from...