The Buckaroos were much more than the co-creators with Buck Owens of the electrified honky-tonk hitmaking machine known to the world as the Bakersfield'sound! Spotlighting the mammoth guitar talent of Don Rich, the Buckaroos cut plenty of jaw-dropping records all by their lonesome, while the boss was away. It was a chance for the boys to track revered country standards and a handful of their own sparkling originals. And it was a rare insider's glimpse at just what made Buck Owens and the Buckaroos tick!

Buckaroos, The

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Buckaroos, The - The Best of the Buckaroos CD
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    Spotlighting the flying fingers of Buckaroos guitar-picking whiz Don Rich, the full-bodied pedal steel of Tom Brumley and the rocksteady rhythm of bassist Doyle Holly backed by the solid beat of drummers Willie Cantu and Jerry Wiggins, this Buckaroos smorgasbord is the perfect introduction to the band that created the Bakersfield Sound behind country music Hall of Famer Buck Owens. Here's the definitive example of their forward-thinking style - an electrified honky-tonk sound that wowed the...