Minneapolis's mysterious C.A. Quintet made only one album during the band's short existence, 1968's A Trip Thru Hell - a psychedelic holy grail that's every bit as darkly terrifying as its title and apocalyptic front cover art imply. Although the band began as a standard-issue soul/R&B garage combo, by the time the LP was waxed the group's music had mutated into a creepy, Doors-like cauldron of unnerving organ, blood-curdling screams, and lyrics about spiders, marijuana, and the devil's domain. A Trip Thru Hell is frighteningly rare stuff - in more ways than one!

C.A. Quintet

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C.A. Quintet - Live Trips 1971
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    Recorded two years after the iconic and anthemic ’69 heavy psych holy grail Trip Thru Hell, Live Trips 1971 always looks forward, taking not a single song from Hell but instead brings you five new originals and a pair of covers (the Beatles & Cream) that they completely make their own with the heavy use of driving yet melodic organ. This loud and dirty spectacle brings stoner rock to the hippie era!