No one did lush, orchestral pop better than Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde. And very few traveled as far in their musical careers as did Chad & Jeremy. From their early hitmaking days as British Invasion moptop troubadours (and pinup dreamboats for teenage girls), to the complexity of their latter work, an eye-opening, deftly orchestrated, wonderful blend of psychedelia and dayglo pop, their work gained critical plaudits from all corners of the world. The entire rollicking journey, through the looking glass, marveling on the way at rapturous, undiscovered worlds - It's all here for the taking!
Chad & Jeremy

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Chad & Jeremy - Distant Shores CD
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    No one did lush orchestral pop better than Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde. In 1966, while other moptop combos were falling by the wayside, Chad & Jeremy created Distant Shores?their most sparkling and mature album yet. Recorded between TV appearances (Batman and My Three Sons among others), Distant Shores is the album of swirly, baroque pop Chad & Jeremy were destined to create.Includes:Distant Shores • Ain’t It Nice • When Your Love Has Gone • Homeward Bound • The Way You Look Tonight • Morning...

    Chad & Jeremy - I Dont Want to Lose You Baby - CD
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      With the 1965 release of Chad & Jeremy's sweeping second Columbia LP, the shaggy-haired troubadours began to weave timely folk-rock anthems by Bob Dylan and Phil Ochs into their British Invasion-style repertoire. Of course, the dynamic duo still retained that magical ability to break young girls' hearts with their stirring harmonies on chart-bound singles like "I Don't Wanna Lose You Baby" and "I Have Dreamed."Includes:I Don’t Wanna Lose You Baby • Should I • The Girl Who Sang The Blues •...

      Chad & Jeremy - Of Cabbages And Kings - CD
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        "A stellar job collecting, organizing, and packaging-ranges from glistening orch-pop to hushed, acoustic Simon & Garfunkelisms to exquisitely appointed pre-Pepper baroquedelia." --The Big Takeover By the time the ambitious gem Of Cabbages and Kings was released, the paisley transition for Chad & Jeremy was complete: from the Dickensain tombstone-tale of "Rest in Peace" to the ambitious five movements of "The Progress Suite," it's a perfect slice of '67 pop/rock. Original album includes "Rest...