When Gene Clark left the Byrds in 1966 he had a long list of old pals, headed by Vern and Rex Gosdin, ready to play on his forthcoming solo album. Some of them were members of the Byrds, themselves. Famous for his weatherbeaten voice and a briefcase stuffed full of great songs - many of them Byrds milestones - Clark would also hook up with Doug Dillard and future Byrd Clarence White for a fascinating run of solo albums that foretold the arrival of country-rock. Though Clark died in 1991, his solo career continues to astound and inspire today.
Clark, Gene

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    Though they were enjoying tremendous international success, life with the Byrds was proving increasingly difficult for Gene Clark in 1965. Thus, in early 1966, Gene flew solo and started recording his solo debut album for Columbia with the Gosdin Brothers on backing vocals. From these sessions, this promotional single was pulled. Sourced from the original analog tapes, bedecked with the Columbia promo labels and packaged in a replica of the promotional picture sleeve, this Sundazed single is...

    Clark, Gene - Roadmaster CD
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      Legendary Gene Clark album assembles abandoned 1972 sessions and more!By 1972, singer/songwriter Gene Clark had settled into a new life in Mendocino far from the intrusive media glare and fan adulation that still surrounded someone of his stature as a former member of the Byrds. However, he still owed A&M Records one more album. Gathering together the cream of the Los Angeles country-rock fraternity-innovative guitarist Clarence White, Chris Ethridge on bass, ex-Byrd and Burrito Brother...