One of the too-rare all-female rock bands of the 1960s, Fullerton, California's Daisy Chain was also one of the decade's grooviest pop-psych acts of either gender. During its brief time together, the quartet released only one scarce album, 1967's Straight or Lame, a trippy, splashy gem that sounds like the record the Carry Nations from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls would've made, had they been a real-life band. In 2005, Sundazed reissued this awesome artifact, mastered from the original mono tapes, on CD with in-depth liner notes.
Daisy Chain, The

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Daisy Chain, The - Straight or Lame - LP
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    Limited Vinyl Mono EditionThe female quartet known as the Daisy Chain came roaring out of Southern California?s Orange County just in time for the Summer of Love. And the fab foursome of Shel Le, Camille, Rosemary and Dee Dee Lea disappeared from the scene almost as abruptly as they arrived, but not before leaving behind a stunning artifact of dayglo hippy trippiness and weirdness!!!Straight or Lame was little noticed by the public in its original 1967 release on the small United International...