No British Invasion group came close to emulating the hackle-raising vocal harmonies of Manchester's Hollies. From their early days, when lead singer Allan Clarke and pal Graham Nash concocted an updated blend of the Everly Brothers, to Nash's replacement by the virtuosic Terry Sylvester, the sound, always in excellent hands with the sparkling guitar of Tony Hicks, the solid bass of Bernie Calvert and the powerhouse percussion of Bobby Elliott, remained the same. Psychedelia to pure pop, the Hollies could do it with their eyes closed.
Hollies, The

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Hollies, The - Beat Group! MONO Edition LP
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    BY "IMPERIAL" DECREE, ALL HAIL THE HOLLIES!Originally released in the U.S. in 1966, Beat Group! was the American cousin to the Hollies' British LP Would You Believe?. However, identical cousins they were not: Beat Group! boasts substantially altered musical content and completely different cover art. Led by the snap-jangle-pop of the smash single, "I Can't Let Go," the album is a thrilling combination of originals and R&B covers ripped from their riotous live sets. Highlights include...

    Hollies, The - Bus Stop MONO Edition LP
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      SHARE AN UMBRELLA WITH THE HOLLIES! No rest for the Hollies in 1966! Hot on the heels of Beat Group!, Bus Stop rolled into U.S. record shops, right on schedule. Written by Gouldman, the title track became the band's first Top Ten U.S. single, peaking at #5, and featuring their bell-tone harmonies to perfection. In addition to the sparkling single, the album is packed with their renditions of contemporary hits like Simon and Garfunkel's "I Am A Rock," Smokey Robinson and the Miracles' "Mickey's...

      Hollies, The - Dear Eloise / King Midas In Reverse
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        Recorded in 1967, the Hollies' take on psychedelia, though less kaleidoscopic than that of the Beatles and the Stones, was every bit as riveting. And nobody could touch the Manchester duo of Allan Clarke and Graham Nash when it came to those goose-pimply harmonies. "King Midas In Reverse" proved the crowning achievement -- an all-stops-pulled, hip pocket, rainbow-symphony that will live forever. This Sundazed release marks the first domestic issue of this incredible album, complete with tracks...

        Hollies, The - Hear! Here! MONO Edition LP
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          Hear! Here!, the Hollies' second American album, was issued stateside in 1965 by Imperial Records. It's a reworked--and, for many listeners, improved--variation on the original British LP known simply as Hollies, with the U.S. version adding the hits "Look Through Any Window" (the Hollies' first American Top 40 single) and "I'm Alive." Hear! Here! finds the band members' original compositions beginning to dominate the Hollies' repertoire, with their songwriting skills shining on such standout...

          Hollies, The - Here I Go Again MONO Edition LP
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            Released in America in 1964 by Imperial Records, Here I Go Again was the Hollies' U.S. debut, and is rated by many fans as superior to its British counterpart, Stay with the Hollies. Here I Go Again offers an accurate representation of the Hollies' early repertoire, comprised largely of distinctive covers of American R&B and rock 'n' roll classics. In addition to the ultra-catchy title tune and their hit covers of Maurice Williams' "Stay" and Doris Troy's "Just One Look," the album finds the...

            Hollies, The - Lost Recordings and Beat Rarities 10x7" Box Set
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              7" vinyl box set with 20 lost tracks and hard-to-find gems! This highly resonant set acts as a guidebook to many of the missing links behind the one British beat group who, more than any other, stayed neck-and-neck with the Beatles throughout the '60s. In terms of quality single releases with irresistible chart appeal (15 Top Ten 45s in the UK) and pure musical evolution, there is no doubt the Hollies breathed the same rarified air as the Fab Four. The Hollies Lost Recordings and Beat Rarities...