You need know nothing more about the British Invasion-style prowess of the incredible Knickerbockers than this: When "Lies," their 1966 chart smash, first began to get airplay, the record was rumored by a small army of U.S. disc jockeys to have been cut by the Beatles, themselves, under an alias. Of course, "Lies" was just the tip of the iceberg for these New Jersey-based garage-rock phenoms. There was plenty more where that came from. And now you can choose your weapon when if comes to the Knickerbockers, either vinyl or compact disc. They both sound absolutely fab!
Knickerbockers, The

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Knickerbockers, The - Gotta Stop This Dreaming / I Want A Girl For Christmas 7" Single
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    When it comes to combing through the Knickerbockers tape archives, Sundazed prides ourselves on having chased down every inch of tape on our heroes. The one recording that's eluded us all these years, though, is the legendary lost yuletide effort, "I Want a Girl For Christmas". Well, we've finally got it direct from the original session demo tape. With its amazing vocal arrangement, this'll remind one and all that the Knickerbockers made better demos than most groups' masters.Equally stunning...

    Knickerbockers, The - Jerk and Twine Time MONO EDITION LP
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      vinyl mono edition!Although the Knickerbockers hailed from Bergenfield, New Jersey, anyone listening to the radio in early 1966 would have sworn that they were from Liverpool. That?s when the band?s overpoweringly infectious signature tune ?Lies? stormed the AM airwaves, convincing many stateside listeners that they were hearing a fab new Beatles single.Jerk and Twine Time emphasizes the raw immediacy of the Knickerbockers? origins as a live band. Beyond the dance-craze anthem ?Jerk Town? and...

      Knickerbockers, The - Lies MONO EDITION LP
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        vinyl mono edition!The Lies LP, recorded in Hollywood with songwriting contributions from the likes of Glen Campbell, Jim Seals and Jerry Fuller, surrounds its iconic title hit with an eclectic assortment of tunes, including the catchy melodic gems "I Can Do It Better" and "Just One Girl," the widescreen pop experiment "I Believe in Her" and distinctive renditions of the durable standards "You'll Never Walk Alone" and "Harlem Nocturne."Although they ironically rode the faux-English sound of...

        Knickerbockers, The - Rockin! With The Knickerbockers - COLORED VINYL LP
        LTD Color!
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          Exploding from AM radio speakers everywhere in 1965, The Knickerbockers? ?Lies? is a certified ?60s classic. Much has been made over its sonic similarity to the Beatles, particularly the Lennon-esque lead vocals. True, it is remarkable in that regard but what is often overlooked is just how GREAT the song is in its own right. Written by band members Beau Charles and Buddy Randell, it is a superbly crafted composition that could have been a hit for any number of artists. That the...

          Knickerbockers, The The Challenge Recordings - 4 CD Boxed Set
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            FOUR DISCS, EIGHTY TRACKS, from a band that had one hit record!The Challenge Recordings ? 4 Compact Disc Boxed Setincluding a 40 Page Booklet!When ?Lies? exploded from AM radio speakers everywhere in 1965, listeners were caught off-guard. Who was this band that had captured Beatles? zeitgeist and repatriated it into a charging slice of American proto-punk? Featuring an amazing vocal performance from Buddy Randell, The Knickerbocker?s ?Lies? peaked at #20 on the Billboard Hot 100 and at #1 in...