As Love?s secondary?and much more introverted?singer-songwriter, Bryan MacLean is often eclipsed by the aura of the group?s late and legendarily flamboyant front man, Arthur Lee. Yet it was the fragile-voiced MacLean who penned some of Love?s most enduring tracks, heaven-sent creations like ?Alone Again Or,? ?Orange Skies,? ?Softly to Me,? and others. Love?s Forever Changes is repeatedly cited as one of, if not the, greatest rock album ever made?thanks in large part to the monolithic talents of the late MacLean.
MacLean, Bryan

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MacLean, Bryan - Candys Waltz - CD
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    Sometimes you can go home again. Here's a second helping of unreleased pop gems from the late Bryan MacLean � 19 finely cut diamonds, many written during his tenure with LA legends Love. Candy's Waltz has only three components: Bryan's soaring falsetto, his euphoric guitar work and those heartstopping songs, but they fill the night time sky like an undiscovered galaxy. Come home and be forever changed. Again.Also available as a digital download on iTunes.TRACK LISTING: 1. I Can�t Remember2....