Bay Area four-piece the Maze began life as folk rock band Stonehenge before changing both its name and musical direction and releasing the insanely rare Armageddon in 1968. A deservedly desirable masterpiece of dark, heavy psych, Armageddon is waist-deep in slithering bass, swirling, watery, minor-key organ, singeing fuzz guitar, and mournful, reverb-drenched vocals--a record that easily surpasses its promising moniker.
Maze, The

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    The advent of ear-splitting, cortex-skewering bands like the Maze really did signal the end of the sixties. But just like that ultimate orgasmic blast during the finale of a great fireworks show, what a perfect way to go. A true rarity among 60's psych collectors, tracks 1 through 7 appeared on the original Maze release, recorded at various studio sessions from September 1967 to March 1968 at Leo Kulka's Golden State Recorders in San Francisco. In addition to this original album, we've added...