Initially written off as the "Prefab Four" due to their made-for-TV origins, the Monkees quickly proved themselves to be deft executors of first-class pop gems, many of which–"(I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone," "Valleri," "Last Train to Clarksville," "Porpoise Song"–are on a par with the best of their hardest and most ambitious psychedelic and garage contemporaries. Full of catchy cuts and freaky fun, each of the Monkees early LPs belongs in the collection of anyone who digs fine '60s pop and rock.

Monkees, The

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Monkees, The - The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees LP
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    1968 was a turbulent year for the Monkees. Their television series, which had debuted as a huge hit two years earlier, was cancelled in February. The Birds, The Bees & the Monkees, released after the cancellation in April 1968, was their first album not to reach #1 on the Billboard chart. Internally, their group dynamic was changing, too. While they had previously collaborated on recording sessions as a unit, increasingly each Monkee took to working in a separate studio, away from the other...

    Monkees, The - The Monkees LP
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      In August 1966, the world met the Monkees (and vice versa) as their debut single, "Last Train to Clarksville," was released and bought them a ticket to ride straight to the top of the charts! With debut of their television show just weeks later on September 12th, the group suddenly found themselves with a huge fanbase, clamoring for more music. They answered that call on October 10th with the release of their debut album, The Monkees, which topped the Billboard 200 for 13 weeks. Featuring...