L.A.'s short-lived Music Emporium released one stupidly rare LP in 1969, a disc now exalted by hard-core psych collectors for its odd, alchemical mix of blistering guitar fuzz, wispy, perfumed melodies, throbbing keyboards, and deeply mystic Buddhist chants. One of the most astonishingly original units of the era, the conservatory-trained Music Emporium is a supermarket full of truly brain-bending sounds for the ears and minds of those who dig the United States of America and other offbeat psychedelic acts.

Music Emporium

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    Blistering rockers with wispy melodies, Buddhist chants with wild-eyed psychedelic anthems: all part of the unique acid-folk vision of LA's Music Emporium, led by keyboard virtuoso/singer Bill "Casey" Cosby. For this first ever legitimate reissue of their supremely rare 1969 album--now on CD and High-Definition Vinyl (with original die-cut, gatefold cover faithfully reproduced!)--we've purchased the original masters, interviewed the band, found never-before-seen snapshots, and added five cool...