With a deeply resonant voice that exud's a hundred different things at once - pain, joy, weariness and decades of experience - Fred Neil created an influential body of work (Neil's "Everybody's Talkin'" was later a hit from the Midnight Cowboy soundtrack for Harry Nilsson) that far outweighs its modest size. Few artists from the vibrant early '60s Greenwich Village folk scene had more staying power than this legendary recluse, a figure who inspired the likes of Bob Dylan and the Jefferson Airplane.
Neil, Fred

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    • A TIMELESS FOLK ROCK MASTERPIECE FROM A PIONEER OF THE GENRE • CUT BY KEVIN GRAY, AND PRESSED ON CLEAR VINYL AT RTI! • PACKAGED WITH AN EYE CATCHING OBI STRIP! • FEATURES THE CINEMATIC SMASH "EVERYBODY'S TALKIN'"!A moody NYC masterpiece from The Village circa '66! New York folk artist Fred Neil’s eponymous second album may not have been a sales smash, but it inspired countless contemporaries, from Jefferson Airplane to Crosby, Stills and Nash, to Harry Nilsson. It...

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      The rumbling baritone of Fred Neil and Vince Martin's earthy tenor... It's a vocal blend every bit as impressive as the great duos in music history: the Everly Brothers and Simon & Garfunkel -- with a Greenwich Village twist, of course. Put Neil and Martin, a pair of New York City folkie legends-in-the-making, into a recording studio with a young, pre-Spoonful John Sebastian on harmonica and Felix Pappalardi (later to produce Cream and the Youngbloods) on guitarron (an acoustic Mexican bass...