If John, Paul, George 'n' Ringo had grown up in Chicago, they couldn't have sounded any cooler than these Windy City pop legends. Two discs, eight great Dunwich '66 trax!
Saturday's Children

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Saturdays Children - Saturdays Children  7" 2-EP Set
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    Before horn rock trashed the city�s rock �n� roll rep, midwest mecca Chicago boasted arguably the strongest teen scene on the planet. Back then, c. 1966, local bands played one of two styles: �Beatles� or �Stones�. The Shadows of Knight best exemplify the latter racket, while a more melodic style was mined by such notables as the New Colony Six and the Cryan Shames. But no band in Chicago could come close to Saturday�s Children when it came to capturing the sound of the Fab Four.Lead singer...