Led by lead singer/rock 'n' roll wildman Iggy Pop, the Stooges burst from the Detroit/Grande Ballroom scene in 1969, to tell the tale of dead-end, "nothin' to do" adolescence as it had never been told before. They were certainly the band that lit the fire under the Ramones yet to come. Iggy, just as much revered through the years for his reckless stage antics as his unique vocal style, abetted by the Asheton brothers on guitar and drums, could make brain-scraping rock 'n' roll out of your mother's grocery shopping list, a couple of ukuleles and a garbage can lid. To quote one of the Stooges' own songs, they are truly "the runaway sons of the nuclear A-bomb."
Stooges, The

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Stooges , The - Search & Destroy / Penetration 7" Single
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    Brain-melting reissue of the rare Columbia Records '73 single, featuring the original Mainman mixes and tucked into a deadly picture sleeve sporting a fantastic Mick Rock shot from the Raw Power sessions. Essential!Includes:Search & Destroy • Penetration

    Stooges, The - Raw Power LP
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      If there's ever been an album that lives up to its title, this is it--Iggy and the Stooges' apocalyptic, high-octane bombshell, Raw Power! At times this searing, end-of-the-world death platter--home to such proto-punk frontal assaults as "Search and Destroy," "Shake Appeal," and "Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell"--even threatens to surpass its beyond-appropriate moniker. Although this incarnation of the Stooges imploded not long after its release, Raw Power became the LP that launched a...