If any one song personified the adenoidal, don't give a damn swagger and devout Stones/Yardbirds worship of an ever-expanding garage-rock army of post-pubescent teens, it might be ?Little Girl? by the Syndicate of Sound. It's a song firmly rooted in the Leaves? ?Hey Joe" with brilliant "kiss-off" lyrics aimed at an unfaithful girlfriend. The San Jose, Calif.-based combo?Don Baskin, Bob Gonzalez, Larry Ray, Jim Sawyers, John Sharkey and John Duckworth?playing together since before the Beatles hit, were a well-seasoned outfit that headlined shows with other heroic South Bay bands like the Mourning Reign, the E-Types, the Chocolate Watchband and Count Five.
Syndicate of Sound

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    "Little Girl," the Syndicate Of Sound's swaggering top ten single from the summer of 1966 was a song that defined, if not a generation, at least a genre. We present the world's first reissue of the original Syndicate album - with four killer non-LP single sides added, unseen photos, new notes culled from interviews with the Syndicate, and more! "The rockin'est little punkadelic band ever to come out of San Jose, this '60s quintet is remembered for its sole hit, 'Little Girl.' But they should...