The late Gary Usher was one of the undisputed architects of California rock 'n' roll. A masterful songwriter, producer, singer, performer, and all-around svengali, Usher co-wrote several of the Beach Boys early hits; oversaw the recording of the Byrds' Younger Than Yesterday and The Notorious Byrd Brothers; crafted ambitious baroque-psychedelic LPs by Sagittarius, Chad & Jeremy, and the Millennium; and worked on countless surf and hot rodosessions by legendary genre acts like the Surfaris, the Super Stocks, and the Hondells. An artist whose talent was matched only by his horizon-reaching ambition, Usher left waves in the pop world that are'still being felt today.
Usher, Gary

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    ON GOLD VINYL One of the most stubborn myths of revisionist musical history is this: the early '60s were the Dark Ages of American pop, a sad and embarrassing era of prefab teen idols and silly dance crazes that was put out of its misery by the British Invasion. In reality, strange and wonderful things were happening with American music in the months before The Beatles met Ed Sullivan, creative big bangs that continued to evolve for decades to come. In Detroit, Berry Gordy was defining the...