The rawboned and ravaged sound of fretboard pioneer Link Wray single-handedly made the guitar the weapon of choice for a whole generation of teenagers! Link's napalm-spewing guitar sound can only be duplicated by sticking one's head into the tailpipe of a NASA rocket. Dressed in a black motorcycle jacket and wielding a savage axe, Link Wray created the blueprint for everyone from the Kingsmen to the Cramps with his flame-throwing 1958 hit "Rumble" and didn't stop there. These were dangerous records that sprayed your house with hi-octane raunch 'n' roll, then dropped a cigarette lighter into the gasoline-soaked room just for kicks!
Wray, Link

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Wray, Link - Law of the Jungle: Swan Demos 64 CD
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    Link Wray has always been the undisputed king of the six-string krunch! Law of the Jungle corrals 15 deadly studio recordings waxed at Ray Vernon's studio in 1964--recordings that inexplicably remained shelved for decades. These amp-melting demos represent some of the roughest, toughest Link Wray workouts in existence! Also available on LP! Includes:Law Of The Jungle • Ace Of Spades • 5-10-15-20 (Can Your Monkey Do The Dog) • Bo Diddley • Mustang • Frenchy • Begin The Beguine • Deuces Wild •...

    Wray, Link - Jack The Ripper LP
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      With his rawboned and ravaged instrumentals from the early ?60s, Link Wray single-handedly made the guitar the ultimately cool instrument of choice for a whole new generation. Wielding a Danelectro Longhorn, Link Wray?who created the blueprint for everyone from the Kingsmen to the Cramps with his flame-throwing sound?proceeded to outdo himself with this rare LP from 1963, now corralled on this Sundazed exact-repro, in crunchily perfect sound courtesy of the original Swan mono master...

      Wray, Link - The Swan Singles Collection 63-67 2-LP Set
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        Pressed at R.T.I. Fred Lincoln "Link" Wray was a man out of time. He lived in the future, waiting for the rest of the music world to catch up. Anticipating vital elements of punk, psych, surf, metal and more well before they happened, he invented large swaths of the basic electric guitar vocabulary. His use of distortion and power chords, in particular, are essential to the rock lexicon. Every 45 he released was another lesson, eagerly studied by fledgling guitarists around the world. About...

        Wray, Link - White Lightning: Lost Cadence Sessions 58 - LP
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          Surf, Cycles and Super Guitar Crunch! The kids of 1958 loved 'em, and their first single for Cadence Records shot up the charts like a label owner's dream. This is the fantastic and fiery album that was supposed to have been released as a follow-up to one of the all-time great instrumental classics, the ultra-menacing "Rumble." But faster than you can say "Drag Race," everyone--Cadence label-owner Archie Bleyer included--was talking about this new threat to the morals of American youth. That's...

          Wray, Link - Slinky / Rendezvous
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            Reproduction of the ultra-rare original picture sleeve and original Epic promo labels!Limited edition for Record Store Day 2014!Mastered from the original reels!Taut and tough Wray from his heyday! One of the original heavy metal heroes, Link Wray basically invented power chord riffing--both Jimmy Page and Pete Townshend have credited their interest in becoming axe gods to him--and his recordings are a monument to the relentless influence of his unique razor-blade extended guitar sound....

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              Upon being knocked sideways by hearing Link Wray for the first time, one anonymous online enthusiast exclaimed, "What year is this stuff?!? Was this guy sent from the future?" Indeed, even now, Wray's snarling six-string attack sounds years ahead of its time. Through intrepid detective work, Sundazed unearthed the original Mala mono master tapes for these four sides and pulled them from the brink of extinction. Packaged in a striking picture sleeve created specially for this release, this...