Elektra released What's Shakin' in 1966, a smoking, various-artists foretaste of breakthroughs to come. Ultra-rare tracks by the Lovin' Spoonful rub shoulders with searing numbers by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Eric Clapton (wtih Steve Winwood), the Blues Project's Al Kooper, and fabled Boston folkie Tom Rush. Available as a High-Definition Vinyl replica of the ultra-rare LP, the album also Includes a repro of the original liner note/photos insert.
Various Artists - What's Shakin'

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Various Artists - Whats Shakin - Whats Shakin LP
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    Virtually every record label has tapes sitting in the vault that, for a variety of reasons, never see the light of day. This forbidden audio fruit frustrates fans and makes collectors salivate at the thought of what might be hidden away. Thus, stories circulate, rumors run amuck and legends swell with each passing year about these unreleased treasures. Fortunately, there are astute labels that do cull through their archives and release these gems to the public. Such is the case with the...