Of the countless studios cranking out garage band crudity coast to coast circa 1966, few were as off the beaten path as Jimmy Nicholls? 2-track studio in McAllen, Texas, near the Mexican border. Yet J-Beck Records artists from Corpus Christi such as the Bad Seeds, to cite just one example, cut their toughest sides at this red hot recording outpost. Of a similar remarkable quality was McAllen?s own Headstones who recorded for Nicholls? Pharaoh Records. ?24 Hours (Everyday)? was the ravaging, ?Gloria?-styled B-side of their debut single. While the Headstones achieved top ten status locally with their two singles on Pharaoh, it is this track and another Farfisa-drenched flip, ?Bad Day Blues? that seal the Headstones? reputation as one of the great Texas garage bands.
Headstones, The