Hailing from the same gila monster-infested Arizona desert wilderness that produced an unlikely harvest of fertile bands (Alice Cooper's Spiders, Kennelmus, Phil & The Frantics) the Twentieth Century Zoo were the paradigm of what was happening to music as 1966 blossomed into 1967-68. These Phoenix shroom-heads stirred the savage fuzzback-laced sounds of the garage generation into the brain-baking trippiness of the emerging SF ballroom scene and made a concoction all their own.
Twentieth Century Zoo

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Twentieth Century Zoo - You Dont Remember / Love In Your Face / Tossin and Turnin 7" EP
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    These Phoenix, Arizona freaks performed musical alchemy by fusing the fuzz-lit garage sound with psychedelic ballroom guitar heroics. The skull-reaming opening blast of "You Don't Remember" is like sticking your head in a tree shredder. Also available as a digital download on iTunes. Includes:You Don’t Remember • Love In Your Face • Tossin’ and Turnin’