Thanks to the band's immortal knuckle-draggers "Primitive" and "Hog (I'm a Hog For You Baby)," most garage fiends are well acquainted with New York cavemen the Groupies. Unwilling to hop on the bandwagon in flower-power 1967, the Stonesy quintet stood out like beggars at a banquet. "The Groupies were the anti-hippies as far their music went," says Jay Eisenberg, who accompanied the group during dates on the West Coast. "They were playing R&B and the blues! They also covered the Kinks and Pretty Things, as well as playing originals. People came to see the bad boys of New York!"
Groupies, The

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Groupies, The - Primitive - CD
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    • INCLUDES THE NUGGET OF GARAGE GOLD “PRIMITIVE”! • THE COMPLETE KNOWN RECORDED OUTPUT OF THESE NY GARAGE PUNKS! • AVAILABLE ON GANGRENOUS GREEN VINYL OR CD!Gritty '67 Garage Punk Perfection! The complete known recorded work from dominant New York garage punks The Groupies! Includes their iconic and oft-covered nugget "Primitive," its B side of equal swagger "I'm A Hog For You," and a complete bombastic 1967 live show put to tape before the band imploded and microphone madman Cooker went...