Pounding surf rock from the days when surf was surf and rock was something entirely other than some white-pupiled, devil-worshipping geek in a black corset. Turn it up! Reject Satan! Save your soul and lose your lease!
Rhythm Rockers, The

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Rhythm Rockers, The - Soul Surfin Limited Edition COLORED VINYL LP
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    LIMITED EDITION ON COLORED VINYL!Occasionally we have a little extra fun with our vinyl and will spontaneously create a short run of existing records on cool colored vinyl...a limited number of copies of Soul Surfin' have been made on colored vinyl! The Rhythm Rockers were part of the first wave of California surf bands, and one of the first to release an album. A regular attraction at Dick Dale's Rendezvous Ballroom in the formative days of the surf scene, the band is loved by vintage surf...