A San Jose, CA band whose reputation has grown exponentially over the decades, the Chocolate Watch Band are now revered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World of garage rock. Spotlighting the classic lineup - the inflammatory vocals of Dave Aguilar and the roof-rattling guitars of Mark Loomis and Sean Tolby, fronting the rock-solid bass of Bill Flores and the letter-perfect drums of Gary Andrijasevich - the Watchband's first two albums have it all. Stones swagger snake-hips its way through cosmic significance with just a dusting of eye-opening psychedelic legerdemain to make your neck snap backwards in pure joy.

Chocolate Watch Band

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    Now On Colored Vinyl! Was there a more influential band from the West Coast's Class of '66 punks??? If any convincing is required, listen no further than the Watch Band's pulverizing take on "In the Midnight Hour." In a tradition established with their first official single, "Sweet Young Thing," this outtake features an absolutely stunning rhythm track coupled with frontman Dave Aguilar's raving original vocal. Definitive! (Inexplicably, the orig. producers chose to replace Aguilar's superior...

    Chocolate Watch Band - No Way Out LIMITED EDITION CD
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      No Way Out, the thrilling debut album by the Chocolate Watch Band, immediately finds that cosmic sweet-spot of perfect garage-rock traction: where the rubber meets the road and the train keeps a-rollin.' Nobody ever did Mick Jagger any better (even Mick, himself) than the Watch Band's frighteningly superb frontman Dave Aguilar. "Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In)" and "Let's Talk About Girls" are on everyone's list of Top 20 garage rock anthems of all time. And that's just the tip of the...