Simply put, Within Myself by Lisa Miller is the best psychedelic pop LP recorded by an 11-year-old former Motown star ever! The album was recorded in early ?68 for the Canterbury label, produced by Motown West staff writers Kay and Helen Lewis and arranged by three of L.A.?s top hit-makers: Capitol?s H.B. Barnum, Motown?s Gene Page and Disney?s Jack Eskew. Accompanied by the Wrecking Crew?s finest players and featuring electronic flourishes by Moog pioneer Paul Beaver, Lisa takes seven originals and three covers (the Beatles, Lulu and Jefferson Airplane) to a magical, sunlit place at the very heart of the 1960?s pop universe. The original album was released in a miniscule promotional run literally weeks before the Canterbury label ceased to exist. Until this Sundazed reissue only the most diligent psychedelic-pop collectors knew Within Myself existed. Newly mastered and featuring rare photos and interviews with the producer and Lisa herself, this Sundazed release restores a vital missing piece to the great jigsaw puzzle of Pop!
Miller, Lisa