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Years before Dick Dale whipped up surf music right before the eyes of adoring throngs in Los Angeles ballrooms, the Sentinals were fooling around with the same elements in San Luis Obispo, 200 miles north up the California coastline. And as long as there are mighty waves pounding some far-flung shore - and there are kids with cajones enough to ride them - the Sentinals, like the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, will stand on guard for thee.
Sentinals, The

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Sentinals, The - Tor-Chula / Latinia 7" Single
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    7" single. Now on Translucent Gold Vinyl!The deepest roots of surf music in California go back to San Luis Obispo, not the Greater Los Angeles area, to bands that considered themselves rhythm & blues, not �surf.� The Revels formed in that Central California town in �57, and the Sentinals (1961) were the heir apparent, touring alongside the �Church Key� boys in the wake of that semi-national hit.The combination of �Latin�ia� and �Tor-Chula� as the Sentinals� first single in 1962 was a heady...