Greg Martin believes in God, guitars and good friends. Hailing from the great state of Kentucky, Martin, now himself a favorite son of the Bluegrass State, thanks to his 40 year career as the Les Paul slinging front-man for the Grammy and CMA Award-winning "Kentucky Headhunters." But, to Greg, music is way more than awards and accolades. It's a way of life.

Born and raised in Louisville, came to musical maturity in the hills of Southern Kentucky, Greg quickly found his calling playing music with cousins Fred and Richard Young. Along with cousin Anthony Kenney, Martin co-founded the seminal band "Itchy Brother," which eventually morphed in to "The Kentucky Headhunters." Over the past 40 years, Greg has shared his love of all things guitar through dozens of albums with The Kentucky HeadHunters as well as several other side projects; "The Mighty Jeremiahs" with vocalist Jimmy Hall (Jeff Beck, Wet Willie), Rufus Huff and now, "The Greg Martin Group." "The Greg Martin Group" is comprised of Greg on guitars, Dean Smith on bass and Steve Holmes on drums. Thane Shearon signed on recently as vocalist, he will be featured on future recordings. The guys have just released a new VINYL 45 rpm record on Sundazed Records with the rockin' instrumentals "Groovy Grubworm" and "Scratchy" on the flipside. True to the band's "old school" rock roots, this new 45 was mixed in MONO, for an authentic vibe and sound. Greg co-produced the record with David Barrick, who was serving a dual role as engineer. Barrick definitely shares Greg's love of vintage gear, having mastered the record using the old "Plate" reverb that has previously resided in Nashville in RCA's legendary "Studio B."

Martin, of course, used his "almost-as-famous-as-he-is" 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard, affectionately nicknamed "Hank" (after the guitar's previous owner, Hank Williams Jr.). This iconic vintage guitar was plugged directly in to a legendary 1968 Marshall "Plexi" 50 watt half stack. Artists such as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Mick Taylor, Peter Green as well as an small and exclusive club of other legendary players, have all wielded this iconic combination of Les Paul guitars and Marshall amplifiers onstage!

It's these legendary guitarists that have inspired Greg all along his storied career. And it's these legendary artists' tones that became the blueprint for the "Groovy Grubworm" record. The original tune was recorded by Harlow Wilcox, as first heard by a young Greg Martin way back in 1969. As Greg remembers it: "Around that time, you couldn't escape hearing "Groovy Grubworm" on the AM radio." The Greg Martin Group's version is faithful to the original tune, but with an added growl and edge that only Greg Martin in his true element, can bring to the party!

Flip the wonderful vinyl 45 Mono record over and you'll see a great rocker titled "Scratchy," as originally charted by a 17 year old Travis Wammack back in 1964. Greg and his older brother Gary used to listen to Travis Wammack, Lonnie Mack, The Ventures and other instrumental groups, Wammack went on to become Little Richards' band Leader during the 80's and 90's. The tune is an infectious rock and roll rollercoaster of guitar prowess that will get your toe tapping! The perfect "B Side" to "Groovy Grubworm" and a perfect interpretation of a time-tested classic rock instrumental that will surprise you with its own groove.

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Greg Martin Group, The

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    The new, down-home, from-the-heart imprint: SUNDAZED RFD!- GIGANTIC GUITARS! - 7" VINYL! - GOLD WAX! - GORGEOUS PICTURE SLEEVES!Two Storming Instrumental Cuts from the Kentucky Headhunters Guitar Slinger! The Kentucky Headhunters' legendary guitar guru Greg Martin's debut solo single! Joined by Dean Smith and Steve Holmes, Martin and associates lay down storming, stomping renditions of two favorite '60s numbers, "Groovy Grubworm" and "Scratchy" --the former a brilliant marriage of a modified...