Like most mid-'60s garage bands, Louisiana's Bad Roads didn't make many records - only two singles, to be exact. But with the first, 1966's positively scorching "Blue Girl," they earned themselves an unassailable top slot in the Garage Punk Hall of Fame. Other tracks showed that the group was equally adept at Zombies-esque, minor-key excursions.
Bad Roads, The

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Bad Roads, The - Blue Girl / Too Bad / Til the End of the Day / Dont Look Back 7" EP
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    Now On Limited Blue Colored Vinyl!!Named for Duane Eddy's 1959 hit "Forty Miles of Bad Road", this six-piece combo from Lake Charles, LA, deep in the heart of Cajun country featured Buz Clark on vocals, lead guitarist Terry Green, rhythm guitarist Briant Smith, Mike Hicks on bass, Kenny Cooley on tambourine and drummer Danny Kimball.The Bad Roads' first single "Blue Girl," a razor sharp one-up of the Rolling Stones, along with its eerie flipside "Too Bad" are so authentically 1966 you can...