The best country guitar players can lull you with pretty melodies, keep time with boom-chicka-boom rhythm, and when the time is right, open up a can of terrifying whoop-ass in the form of licks so fast and blazing that you're left wondering if what you heard was real. Phil Baugh was one of those guitar pickers, in fact he might have been the best of his kind. Those who had their AM radios tuned in to country music around 1964 couldn't have missed Phil Baugh's breakaway hit (with Vern Stovall singing) "Country Guitar," a tribute to the famous super-pickers of the day with blazing picking on Baugh's part. The single sold well; the follow-up album didn't sell at all-which was a real shame because it contained some of the best country-jazz playing this side of Jimmy Bryant and some of the hottest Telecaster twang not played by James Burton!
Baugh, Phil