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    The Style that's attracting all this admiration is built around the funky guitar of Davie Allan, a young but extremely successful Hollywood studio musician who decided he would rather make music with his own group. The writhing, pulsing rhythm of The Arrows is supplied by Steven Pugh on electric bass, Larry Brown on drums, and Mike Curb on keyboards -- an expert combination, as you can hear for yourself!

    --original LP liner notes

    Track Listing:
    1. Apache '65
    2. Tee Pee
    3. Blue Guitar
    4. Twine Time
    5. Diana's Theme
    6. The Rebel (Without a Cause)
    7. C'mon do the Freddie
    8. Tomahawk
    9. Red Roses for a Blue Lady
    10. Scratchy
    11. Indian Giver
    12. Commanche
    13. Sorry 'Bout That (demo)*
    14. Topsy '65*

    *Previously unissued bonus tracks