In 1964 Beatlemania invaded the USA, and just like every other teenager in the States, Jan McClellan was bitten by the bug. Unlike most girls, Jan didn’t want to be one of the screaming teenage hordes, she wanted to be the BAND!

Forming one of America’s first all-girl rock’n’roll bands at age 14, the Debutantes, which lasted throughout the 60’s, Jan led her girls around the world. With their sweet, feminine sound, they played 50 States, Canada, Germany and many countries in Asia … yet there has been little known or heard about them until now. This LP features 9 never before heard Debutantes tracks, as well as all three of their hard to find singles, direct from the master tapes.

Enjoy the disarmingly fresh and charming sounds of the Debutantes!

Debutantes, The