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Sporting unconventional structures and a combination of styles, Gypsy's stadium-sized vocals, thundering riffs, booming organ drills and pounding drums all merge to form the band’s powerful opening statement!

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    Successfully blending melodic West Coast pop, latin rhythmic grooves, and progressive rock, Gypsy is a true hidden gem. Comprised of Minnesota natives Enrico Rosenbaum (vocals/guitar), James Johnson (vocals/guitar), James Walsh (vocals/keys), Doni Larson (bass), and Jay Epstein (drums), Gypsy migrated to LA and became the house band for Whiskey-A-Go-Go. Taking over the gig from Chicago, Metromedia Records signed the band after spotting them in the club.

    Recalling groups like Spirit, ELO, Santana and the cosmic vocal harmonies of Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Gypsy’s music takes listeners soaring through the clouds! Metromedia issued their self-titled album in 1970, but it flew under the radar. “Gypsy Queen Part 1” peaked at #64 on the national charts and “Dead and Gone” got some airplay, but the rest of the album faded into obscurity.

    Combining the strong songwriting capabilities of Enrico Rosenbaum and James Johnson with the undeniably strong fusion of surging Hammond organ, bongos, and bass make Gypsy sound just as fresh and inventive as it was in 1970. Rich with progressive chord structures and intricate melodies, Gypsy’s uniquely blends latin, psychedelia, and jazz into one satisfying package!

    2LP set on tan vinyl also available!


    Gypsy Queen–Part One • Gypsy Queen–Part Two • Man of Reason • Dream If You Can • Late December • The Third Eye • Decisions • I Was So Young • Here In My Loneliness • More Time • The Vision • Dead And Gone • Tomorrow Is The Last To Be Heard