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We used to compete with the Harlots of 42nd Street which was a group of guys who looked like truck drivers but dressed like the Dolls and wore, like, fishnet stockings over these big muscular hairy legs. They were my favorite band.”

 - David Johansen (New York Dolls)

• The two cuts from their rarer than palm hair 45 paired with 8 studio cuts unheard until now!

• Massive booklet with photos, press clippings and copious notes from Jeremy Cargill.

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      Refuse To Be Misused, unveils the mythical long lost glitter-punk of The Harlots of 42nd St., rivals of the Dolls and the self proclaimed “favorite band” of their equally glamorous frontman.  Misused features both sides of their crate digger gold paired with eight fist pumpin’, high heel struttin’ gems that haven’t been heard until now! It’s rare that the unissued tracks rival the coveted single, but these numbers sparkle and punch hard!

      “THE HARLOTS definitely have it together; they sure look weird enough… No matter, they are by far the best of NY’s bands serving up the hard stuff of the day with intelligence and leaving a variety of arcanely bizarre acts, too sordid for anything approaching tasteful description in their wake. It just takes that spark to be different, but it’s rarer than the finest gold.” - ‘CHEAP THRILLS,’ The Village Voice (1974)

      “The Harlots of 42nd Street are the New York band everybody seems to know better than anyone else… The songs, of course, fit the image… Sensual songs of sex, prostitution, masochism and sadomasochism. The Harlots have made their name in NYC as the band to see and hear.” – Irv Sealey, Raunchy Rock (1974)


      S&M (I Can’t Live Without You) (3:51) • Refuse To Be Misused (4:01) • Spray Paint Bandit (3:56) • Polyethylena Purebred (2:59) • Dead End (2:56) • Cool Dude And Foxy Lady (3:34) • Double Bubble Bustin Baby (3:50) • Shake My Blues (3:10) • And I Know (4:20) • Mother Nature (3:54)

      Band Bios:

      (originally printed in The Harlotry Times, 1973)

      Gene Harlot: Scorpio lead vocalist, Brooklyn born and raised, whose slightly seductive style has been favorably compared to Jagger and Morrison, yet with enough originality and ability to spark an already grown group of imitators.

      Tony Harlot: Libran drummer, Bronx born and bred, called by many the best in New York, whose technical prowess is only exceeded by his consistently good taste: a High Point of the act is his solo, both on drums and face

      Christy Harlot: solemn Cancerian, right-handed lead guitarist, born and bred in Queens, easily mastering his instrument and turning it’s almost lethal Energy loose to Power solos to a peek of excitement

      Doug Harlot: songwriter of most of the material, born in Delaware and now residing in Manhattan, left-handed lead guitarist, truly Sagittarian in nature; his controlled energy bursting loose as he machine-guns audiences with his guitar and his eyes

      Frank Harlot: Also Brooklyn born and raised, a bouncy Gemini bass guitarist, his acrobatics and technical prowess provide the heavy bottom that holds the energy of the act firmly yet allows it to bounce loose, as Frank himself often does when necessary

      Also available on LP!