Owens, Buck and His Buckaroos - Open Up Your Heart CD
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    Riding the crest of fame, Buck Owens never thought of slowing down in 1966. Marking a departure from his last few albums, Open Up Your Heart features Buck as the sole lead vocalist on all cuts. The title track, one of three #1 singles on the album, features chicken pickin' Telecaster licks courtesy of guest guitarist James Burton. It stayed atop the country charts for six weeks. Other standout tracks include the blue-collar broadside "Sam's Place" (inspired by a real establishment in Richmond, CA), the humorous "Waitin' In Your Welfare Line" and the mid-tempo hit "Think of Me," which featured lyrics taken from a poem sent to Buck by a fan. This Sundazed edition, painstakingly remastered for your listening pleasure, adds two bonus tracks: the original mono single versions of "Open Up Your Heart" and "Think of Me." Think this is another terrific album by Buck and his Buckaroos? Congratulations, you're absolutely right!

    Also available as a digital download on iTunes.