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    Far into the Northern California outback, the Brogues hailed from Merced, eighty miles due east of San Jose, halfway between the San Joaquin valley hub towns of Fresno and Stockton on old highway 99. The original four piece configuration of the Brogues -- featuring guitar/vocals Rick Campbell and Eddie Rodrigues, bass/vocals Bill Whittington and drummer Greg Elmore -- cut Rodrigues' jangly yet snotty "Someday," and backed it with Campbell and Elmore's driving stop-and-go rocker "But Now I Find" in the summer of 1965 for the Twilight label of Garrie Thompson (soon to produce the Syndicate of Sound's "Little Girl").

    This scorching single peaked at number 31 on Bakersfield's KAFY in August and reached the giddy heights of number 14 on radio station KYOS soon thereafter, rubbing shoulders with such elite punkers as "Liar Liar" and "My Girl Sloopy" for a couple of weeks. This regional success meant that Thompson, now their manager, could finance an LA recording session with Challenge Records for the Brogues, now swelled to a five-piece with the addition of keyboardist Gary Cole. The resulting two-sided stunner, the Mantz/Tucker classic "I Ain't No Miracle Worker" backed with a raving "Don't Shoot Me Down," credited to the entire group, cemented their reputation as the valley's top dogs.

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    Someday • But Now I Find • I Ain’t No Miracle Worker • Don’t Shoot Me Down