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    If one were forced to name one song that exemplifies the Sonics� revolutionary garage-punk sound, one would have to choose the band�s nerve-crushing, soul-shattering 1964 landmark �Psycho.� Boasting a drunkenly careening sax, a rampaging rhythm section and a wailing, throat-shredding vocal, this enduring classic is paired here with the attitudinal anthem �Maintaining My Cool,� which is widely regarded as one of the crowning achievements of the Sonics� Jerden years.

    In their mid-�60s heyday, the Sonics pioneered a wildly aggressive, distortion-laden style that set a widely emulated standard for propulsive punk raunch. Driven by the commanding, blood-curdling howl of Gerry Roslie and the raucous, screaming guitar of Larry Parypa, the Tacoma, Washington quintet pioneered a pummeling, primitive and supremely infectious sound that served as the blueprint for multiple generations of garage, punk and grunge combos, none of whom ever quite managed to equal the Sonics� feral ferocity. In the decades since the Sonics first made their mark, the band�s influence and mystique have grown steadily, with their relatively few recordings attaining mythic status amongst lovers of raw, undiluted rock �n� roll.

    Now, Sundazed honors the Sonics� awe-inspiring legacy with this tornadic trio of the band�s original vintage 7� Jerden label singles, all originally released in 1966 and now restored to their original vinyl glory and decked out in snazzy new picture sleeves featuring fab vintage photos.