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    Being recognized as a musical pioneer is great in retrospect, but it can be an arduous journey getting there. In 1974, as Captain Beefheart recorded his eighth album, Unconditionally Guaranteed, he was eager to reach a wider audience while regaining the critical acclaim of his earlier work. To these ends, he pushed the Magic Band relentlessly during the album sessions, so much so that the band quit en masse after the album was finished. Upon its release, the LP did not achieve the commercial success for which Beefheart had hoped while, conversely, critics disparaged it for being "too commercial." Listening to album's lead single, "Upon The My-O-My" b/w "I Got Love On My Mind," it's hard to believe anyone found this effort lacking. True, the music may be a bit more polished around the edges, but the Captain's commanding voice rules over all. Long out of print, Sundazed resurrects this overlooked Beefheart morsel in all its original sonic splendor, sourced directly from original stereo master tapes. A new picture sleeve, created specially for this release, perfectly compliments the music and makes this single a "must own" for fans everywhere.

    • Limited edition colroed vinyl available ONLY on the Sundazed website!
    • Unique picture sleeve created by Sundazed just for this release
    • First EVER reissue of this incredibly rare 45!


    Upon the My-Oh-My • I Got Love On My Mind