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    "Where's the Beefheart?!," intrepid record collectors have often asked. Despite being one of the most influential artists of the rock era, Captain Beefheart's vinyl catalog is often exasperatingly elusive. One of the rarest of them all is the "Abba Zaba/Yellow Brick Road" single, issued by Buddha Records in December 1967. An early blueprint of Beefheart's singular musical construction, it has long been a "holy grail" for 45 RPM enthusiasts around the world. With the support of the Magic Band, which at this point included Ry Cooder with assistance from Taj Mahal, the Captain made an indelible impression on all who heard these aural sculptures. For this reissue, Sundazed located the original mono master tape for this single and meticulously replicated it, including reproductions of the Buddha labels. Upping the collectibility factor is a screaming day-glo color picture sleeve, created by Sundazed, that compliments the music perfectly. Issued in a strictly limited edition this Sundazed 45 is destined to take its place among the treasures of Beefheart catalog.

    • Features original incarnation of the Magic Band, including Ry Cooder
    • Unique picture sleeve created by Sundazed just for this release!
    • First EVER reissue of this incredibly rare 45!

    1. Abba Zaba
    2. Yellow Brick Road