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    To say 1966 was a good year for the Cyrkle is putting it mildly: in rapid succession, they inked a contract with Columbia Records, scored a #2 hit with Paul Simon's "Red Rubber Ball," gained a coveted spot on the Beatles' final U.S. tour, and recorded Red Rubber Ball with some of the most soaring three-part harmonies and intricate arrangements that '60s pop music had to offer.


    Red Rubber Ball • Why Can’t You Give Me What I Want • Baby, You’re Free • Big, Little Woman • Cloudy • Cry • Turn-Down Day • There’s A Fire In The Fireplace • Bony Moronie • How Can I Leave Her • Money To Burn • Straighten Out My Messed Up Life • Downtown Blues • How Can I Leave Her [Prev. Unissued Demo] • Money To Burn [Prev. Unissued Demo] • We Had A Good Thing Goin’ • Reading Her Paper • Penny Arcade • The Words