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    * The CHYMES - He's Not There Anymore / Quite A Reputation - DJ 550
    Three teenaged gals from the suburbs of Los Angeles had their shot at pop music notoriety during mid 1966, thanks to Turtles lead singer Howard Kaylan. Kaylan and Nita Garfield, his then-girlfriend and songwriting partner, witnessed a performance by the trio; duly impressed, they penned three songs for Candice, Irisse and Stephanie with musical backing tracks provided by the Turtles during the session. The resulting Chattahoochee label single captures an AM-radio friendly summertime girl group jangle of the day. Unfortunately, the music industry movers 'n' shakers failed to recognize the Chymes 45, thereby stalling any awareness to a nationwide audience.

    * The BOSTWEEDS - Little Bad News / Simple Man - DJ 551
    A cryptic aura still surrounds the whereabouts and personnel lineage of this (presumably) Los Angeles, California based combo. "Little Bad News," the first of two Chattahoochee label singles issued during the latter half of 1965, featured keyboard player Dennis Culver alongside the sneering, sinister sounding vocal howls from lead singer, Lynn Ready (also a former, short-lived member of Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers in 1957). Before fading away, the Bostweeds were contracted in early 1966 to record the title song for the now legendary drive-in movie classic, "Faster, Pussycat! Kill Kill!" A sought-after, but very limited one-sided 45 rpm pressing of the title song exists on vinyl as "Faster Pussycat."

    * The END RESULT - Never Ask Again / A Bird In The Hand - DJ 552
    Hands-down thee rarest artifact issued on the Chattahoochee label, only one copy of the End Result 45 reportedly exists today - hardly worthy of a final epitaph to denote this killer 2-sider from a group based in Van Nuys, California. Rich Golden (drums), Jim Hungerford (bass), John Nicholson (guitar) and Jim Kaplan (keyboards) had been gigging for several years beforehand as the Periscopes, with a raucous, frat-rock 45 to their legacy issued in December, 1964: "Happy To Be" / "Beavershot." By the time of the August, 1966 Chattahooche label release, the group had updated their moniker and sound to mirror the happening muscial vibe heard 'round LA's Sunset Strip.