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    "Too negative." That was reportedly A&M jefe Jerry Moss' reaction to the demos presented to him by Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart, as Van Vliet and his Magic Band prepared to record their fourth album. Moss dropped the band from the label, leaving them to seek another outlet for their uncompromising music. They landed at Buddah Records, soon to be riding high on a series of bubblegum singles, culminating in the Lemon Pipers' #1 hit, "Green Tambourine." Led by young music executive Neil Bogart, who later founded in-excess-fully renowned Casablanca Records, Buddah was nothing if not eclectic. As if to prove that point, its first full-length LP release was Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band's Safe as Milk. About as far from the 1910 Fruitgum Company as was humanly possible, Safe as Milk presented a funhouse mirror take on the blues, like Howlin' Wolf filtered through a lysergic sieve. In an attempt to capitalize on the critical acclaim for the band's prior album Trout Mask Replica, Buddah issued a promo single of "Plastic Factory" b/w "Where There's Woman." The A-side found the Captain's voice and harmonica battling for supremacy with Ry Cooder's stinging guitar licks. The B-side, meanwhile, follows him through tempo and time signature changes as he sings his opaque version of a love song. This promo single is so rare that most Beefheart fans have never seen it, let alone owned a copy. Having unearthed the original mono master tapes, Sundazed has recreated this single in all its aural audacity. With a custom picture sleeve created specially for this release and available in a strictly limited edition.

    • Unique picture sleeve created by Sundazed just for this release
    • First EVER commercial release of this incredibly rare 45!


    Plastic Factory • Where There’s Woman