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    Could anything be better than surf music played by crazed spacemen? Not likely! And here's the proof: Guitar-wrangler Jerry Cole and His Spacemen's stupidly rare 1964 album, Surf Age!

    While most of Cole's albums were cranked out at the astounding pace of up to two or three per day, Surf Age, was by comparison a production of epic proportions. For the sessions, Cole and his hand-picked all-star crew of LA studio cats labored to create an album unlike any other, an endlessly inventive amalgam of surf and '60s pop.

    The original liner notes say it most eloquently: "One listen to the music of Jerry Cole and his Spacemen will tell you that theirs is the sound of the SURF AGE! Their beat is as dynamic as tomorrow's crashing waves; their instrumental blend is as fresh and modern as tomorrow night's surfing dance party; their tunes are definitely for swingin' moderns."


    Surf Age • Martian Surf • Night Rumble • Rosarita Surf • Movin’ Surf • Power Surf • Bronze Surfer • Deep Surf • Ride-Um! • Jerry’s Jump • One Color Blues • Racing Waves • Boss Dance • Super Charged • Drag Shot • Wild Willys • The Screamer • The Creamer