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    "A stellar job collecting, organizing, and packaging-ranges from glistening orch-pop to hushed, acoustic Simon & Garfunkelisms to exquisitely appointed pre-Pepper baroquedelia." --The Big Takeover

    By the time the ambitious gem Of Cabbages and Kings was released, the paisley transition for Chad & Jeremy was complete: from the Dickensain tombstone-tale of "Rest in Peace" to the ambitious five movements of "The Progress Suite," it's a perfect slice of '67 pop/rock.

    Original album includes "Rest in Peace," "The Gentle Cold of Dawn," "I'll Get Around to it When and If I Can" plus 6 bonus tracks--3 previously unissued.

    Track Listing:
    1. Rest In Peace
    2. The Gentle Cold Of Dawn
    3. Busman's Holiday
    4. Can I See You
    5. Family Way
    6. I'll Get Around To It When And If I Can
    The Progress Suite-Movements 1 Thru 5
    7. Prologue
    8. Decline
    9. Editorial
    10. Fail
    11. Epilogue
    12. Manners Maketh Man (prev. unissued)
    13. Cautionary Tale (prev. unissued)
    14. The Gentle Cold Of Dawn (prev. unissued instrumental)
    15. Rest In Peace (single version)*
    16. Painted Dayglow Smile (single version)*
    17. Sister Marie*