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    "A stellar job collecting, organizing, and packaging-ranges from glistening orch-pop to hushed, acoustic Simon & Garfunkelisms to exquisitely appointed pre-Pepper baroquedelia." --The Big Takeover

    By the time the ambitious gem Of Cabbages and Kings was released, the paisley transition for Chad & Jeremy was complete: from the Dickensain tombstone-tale of "Rest in Peace" to the ambitious five movements of "The Progress Suite," it's a perfect slice of '67 pop/rock.

    Original album includes "Rest in Peace," "The Gentle Cold of Dawn," "I'll Get Around to it When and If I Can" plus 6 bonus tracks--3 previously unissued.


    Rest In Peace • The Gentle Cold Of Dawn • Busman’s Holiday • Can I See You • Family Way • I’ll Get Around To It When And If I Can • The Progress Suite - Prologue • The Progress Suite - Decline • The Progress Suite - Editorial • The Progress Suite - Fall • The Progress Suite - Epilogue • Manners Maketh Man • Cautionary Tale • The Gentle Cold Of Dawn (Instrumental) • Rest In Peace (Single Mono Mix) • Painted Dayglow Smile (Single Mono Mix) • Sister Marie (Mono Mix)