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    A rip-roarin' bonanza of Minneapolis surf music! Heated squabbles have erupted: one faction insists it's great because it's a priceless historical artifact; the other insists it's the ne plus ultra of cheesy party fun. Less filling! Tastes great! Who cares? They're both right! 20 wondrous cuts: the entire Surfin' Bird LP, plus the best of the Garrett label 45s, from the original master tapes! Over-the-edge liners, plus a plethora of mega-rare photos 'n' stuff.

    Also available as a digital download on iTunes.


    Tube City • My Woodie • Surfin’ Bird • Miserlou • Money • Kuk • King Of The Surf • Bird Bath • It’s So Easy • Henrietta • Malaguena • Sleeper • Bird Dance Beat • A-Bone • Bad News • On The Move • Peppermint Man • New Generation • Whoa Dad! • Real Live Doll (alternate version)