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    In 1962, five Johnson High School students on the east side of St. Paul, Minnesota, pooled their collective musical talents and formed a band called the Deacons (named after lead singer Jim Reiff, who had acquired the nickname "Deacon" - his father was a minister). In the summer of '65, Jim Reiff had been replaced by singer Earl Pritchard, who had previously toured the country with Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars, working with Chuck Berry and Lonnie Mack.

    Gary Starzecki, Deacon bass player, had a friend Dino Barilla who used to sing at the local 5J's bar. Two very influential friends of his approached the group with an offer: they'd take the band into Kay Bank Studio and cover recording and pressing costs of making a 45 - on one condition - that Dino was allowed to sing one side of the disc!

    So, in early 1966 the boys recorded a blistering cover of the Stones' "Empty Heart" and "Problems About Baby," which was warbled by Dino Barilla - it is not included here! Also committed to tape at this same session was the Deacons' version of "Bring It On Home to Me" - the cut makes its debut on this 45. Had Empty Heart been pushed rather than Problems About Baby (remember who paid for the session!), the Deacons surely would have had a more impressive outing with their record. This 45 represents the two true Deacons' recordings cut for Soma Records in '66!


    Empty Heart • Bring It On Home To Me