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    Before horn rock trashed the city's rock 'n' roll rep, midwest mecca Chicago boasted arguably the strongest teen scene on the planet. Back then, c. 1966, local bands played one of two styles: "Beatles" or "Stones." The Shadows of Knight best exemplify the latter racket, while a more melodic style was mined by such notables as the New Colony Six and the Cryan Shames. But no band in Chicago could come close to Saturday's Children when it came to capturing the sound of the Fab Four.

    Lead singer Geoff Bryan sung with the strength and confidence of McCartney and Lennon, and at the same time, possessed a similar knack for melody. His songs were recorded by the Cryan Shames, the Shady Daze and a formative version of the Buckinghams (the Centuries). Yet the magic was in the records he cut with his own band, Saturday's Children. Presented here are two discs chock full of eight great Dunwich '66 trax!

    Also available as a digital download on iTunes.


    You Don’t Know Better • Born On A Saturday • I Hardly Know Her • Leave That Baby Alone • A Man With Money • Tomorrow Is Her Name • Christmas Sounds • Deck Five