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    We've salvaged the rarest item in the SOK discography - a cardboard single written for a Chicago potato chip company - and put the music on vinyl, where the grease from the chips won't get on your hands!

    Dunwich Records arranged for a promotional cardboard interview disc to be included in bags of Fairmont Potato Chips in conjunction with the release of "Willie Jean" in March of '67. Opening to the strains of "Gloria" the interview that followed was suitably silly and yet informative. The "disc" also included an all-new original punkish groover, "Potato Chip," written especially/shamelessly for the Fairmont account.

    And if that's not enough inducement to check out this release, we've included the surviving recording from the SOK Prior to the spring '67 release, SOK hit the Chess Records' Ter Mar studio on Friday, December 13th, 1966. Bad luck, it would seem, was in the air. Booked by the band independent of approval from Dunwich and specifically their manager-producer, George Badonsky, the session was mired in chaos. A belligerent Badonsky showed up mid-session, sabotaging their efforts. All that survives of the debacle is a torrid re-cut of "I Got My Mojo Working."

    Also available as a digital download on iTunes.


    I Got My Mojo Working • Potato Chip